CEO Challenge

I had so much fun doing this story with Chip Bergh, CEO of Levis. I'd love it if more CEO's would challenge me to try something new, something visual, something meaningful, something fun that may or may not involve their product. PR people- that's my challenge to you!


Never work with children, animals or DRONES!


A little R&R on Maui

Had a great time out on the water with Robin Roberts. She had a picture of Maui in the hospital room where she was recovering from her bone marrow transplant. It is such a gift to share my hometown with people and let them see the ocean, the turtles, the coral, the mountains as I see them. To know this was a destination in her recovery made it all the more special. Aloha RR!


New Documentary Coming Soon

Shooting at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado. Our new Documentary on energy technology will be coming out later this summer. Like here for updates


Spring 2013

Discovery Channel: interviewed on the creation of cell phones. Airs Tuesday March 26th
"How We Invented the World." 

Write up of the show:

Our 113th Upgrade Your Life on Yahoo:
"Ratters- They Watch Through Your Webcam"

I start my 8th year with Good Morning America this month:
my kids testing new food combos on GMA

interview with the NYT's Quentin Hardy on Minnesota Public Radio
Commonwealth Club