I’ve been covering technology as a TV reporter since 1998.  I’ve worked at the truly geeky ends of the spectrum (TechTV & This Week in Tech) and the most mainstream/mass market outlets you can find (ABC News/ Good Morning America).

In these last 15 years, I’ve had a hard time identifying exactly what I do. But recently, as technology has made itself resident in our everyday lives, my mission is clearer.

I am a consumer reporter. I focus on the following beats:
Technology and how to use it better
Staying abreast of new trends
Smart & geeky solutions to everyday problems. 

Most tech reporters are tech only: new phone reviews, operating system critiques, social media news.
Most consumer reporters are all about crib recalls and how to save money when gas prices go up.

I don’t distinguish. I cover it all with a consumer-centric, let-me-try-and-find-out for you approach. Be it navigating a new phone purchase, saving on printer cartridge replacements, and whether you should give your kids an iPad or let them watch TV. I’ll cover it all. And I like it that way. 

Professional Bio

Becky Worley has been a tech reporter/producer since 1998. She is currently the technology contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America and a contributor for Yahoo! Tech

Her goal is to bring information about technology to as many people as possible, she says “Technology is as much a lifestyle issue as fashion and health. It’s become a part of our everyday lives.” She blends consumer reporting and tech/gadget reviews unlike any other national network reporter and has been called “the Martha Stewart of technology.”

Becky started her TV career fresh out of college, working in news for Seattle's KOMO-TV. In 1998, the creation of an all technology network called ZDTV was a dream come true: TV + Tech.

During her 6 years at ZDTV /TechTV, Worley produced 3 different shows, hosted a live, hour-long computer help call-in show, and when TechTV created an 8 hour technology news format, Worley was tapped as an anchor.

From there she started making guest appearances on Good Morning America as a tech expert and was eventually hired as the network’s technology contributor. She has appeared on World News with Diane Sawyer, Nightline, and 20/20 along with her regular reports for Good Morning America. Worley is a frequent Guest on the Dr. Oz Show.

She has hosted shows for the Travel Channel, the National Geographic channel and the Fine Living Network.

She is the author of "Security Alert: Stories of Real People Protecting themselves from Viruses, Identity Theft, and Scams."

Worley has a master's degree from Stanford University . She graduated through a program called "Learning, Design, and Technology" that focuses on technology and education. 

Worley was raised on the island of Maui, attended Middlebury College in Vermont, and currently resides in Oakland, CA with her partner and 7 year old twins.